Your home videos are extremely valuable. This is why, for the duration of the time that the cassettes are in my position, they will be stored in a locked, alarmed room and will be handled with the upmost care.

Below are the steps that my service operates under.

Placing Your Order

To request a VHS cassette conversion please fill in the form on the order page. Upon receiving your completed form I will send you my address via email.

You may post your video cassettes to this address. Please ensure that you pack your cassettes well in a secure box prior to sending them. I will not be responsible for any damages that occur while your cassettes are in transit.

If you live nearby you may deliver these cassettes directly to me.

Arrival and ConversionĀ 

Upon the arrival of your VHS cassettes at my address, I will begin their conversion process as soon as possible. I even work weekends!

Preview and Payment

If requested, once your video cassettes has been completed I will put the first minute of the resulting video on OneDrive for you to preview. You will be able to access that video via a link that I will provide.

After your optional review of this video, I will provide you with an invoice that will contain a payment link. This link will direct you to a secure payment page where you can pay by credit or debit card. I also accept payment via PayPal.

Delivery Of Your Video

Upon receiving your payment, I will move the video(s) to your requested mediums.

Shipping Of Your Video

Once your videos are on your requested mediums I will either ship them to you, notify you that they are available for collection, or will provide a link to your content if you chose to have them stored on OneDrive. Videos uploaded to OneDrive will be available for 30 days, after this point they will be permanently deleted.

At this stage your video cassettes will be shipped back to you, or will be made available for collection.